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28205 NE Tolt Hill Rd
Carnation, WA 98014


Visitors welcome

by appointment. 

Cadbury Farm is proud to be a King County Conservation Farm of Merit selected for our focus on green practices. To book a tour, please contact Nichole Walters.




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Our Farm

Cadbury Farm is a small, private boarding and training facility located on Tolt Hill off Hwy 202 between Redmond and Fall City in Carnation.  


We created our farm keeping in mind quality-of-life for horses while protecting the environment through best practices. We work hard and are proud to offer mud-free driveways, parking areas, and paddocks and mostly mud-free pastures! The stabling, grounds, arena and amentities are all designed for active horses and owners engaged in riding and training. 


All breeds and ages of horses and ponies are welcome. We attend to the individual requirements and needs of each horse and owner. You'll find our full-service boarding program will give you the best care for your horse—and for you—peace of mind.


We look forward to showing you our Conservation Farm of Merit awarded through King County. 


Our Focus


Training with Integrity.


Riding with Lightness and Ease.




We provide riding instruction and train with full respect for the horse, specifically living and working by a philosophy and method of training that Nichole has been studying for more than 4 years through the School of Légèreté.  In a word, we aim for training with an integrity that never compromises the understanding and well-being of the horse!


Internationally renowned French Riding Master Philippe Karl developed Légèreté to offer a way to marry the legacy of classical riding to current knowledge of the horse in the 21st century. His teaching takes into account how the horse thinks, feels, learns, reacts and joins up. 


Methodically, our classical horsemanship pays close attention to the true nature of the horse's movement and mind. It harnesses these in a natural progression of learning for both the horse and rider that supports the well being of horses throughout their lives.


In Légèreté, it appears and  feels like the horse is gliding from movement to movement. This training for lightness and ease starts with a strong foundation in the basics and goes all the way through the highest levels of performance.


Lightness and ease is the integration of balance, relaxation and implusion. A horse can be trained, like a dancer, to be light on their hooves. Light in weight bearing. Lightness in the horse's balance allows lightness in their movement. In other words, this self carriage produces ease of movement and once developed, the horse is light to the rider's aides. 

Consequently, how horses are trained to use their muscles makes all the difference. Their musculature becomes elongated like a dancer's as opposted to contracted as with body builders. Thus in movement achieved with Légèreté, athleticism with artistic expression is achieved.



Nichole and her Hanovarian mare, First Empress or "Princess".
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