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Cadbury Farm is proud to be a King County Conservation Farm of Merit selected for our focus on green practices. To book a tour, please contact Nichole Walters.


How To Become A Certified Lègéretè™ Trainer

If you are a professional trainer, part-time or full-time, you are pre-qualified to apply to the School of Légèreté to be considered for the Trainers Basic Course.


The School of Légèreté welcomes applicants on an ongoing or rolling basis. You must be prepared for the three-to four-year commitment the course requires. There are many important things to consider. For instance, you must train or advance the same horse throughout the course, both in clinics and at home. Having a back-up horse is also vital in the event of lameness, injury or illness.


Another key consideriation is you are required to have some experience as a riding instructor, even if only part-time.


The School/Course application and instructions are available on Philippe Karl's website.  But before you go there, read on!


After reviewing the application process, the next step is to contact Nichole Walters directly for application assistance.


Nichole will help you craft your application and tell you how to best present yourself in order to expedite the application process. She is available and happy to give you guidance on what it takes to be accepted into the School and how to present a successful application.


Once a written application is approved by Mr. Karl, you will need to ride in a Selections session with a Légèreté Course Instructor before you can be officially accepted into the School. This is like an 'audition', but also a lesson with the instructor.

Prepare Yourself!

In order to make the transition to Légèreté as easy as possible and best prepare yourself to have a successful 'audition' ride, we highly recommend you participate in one (or several) Légèreté Intro Clinics.


Also reach out to experienced Légèreté instructors, if possible, and the current course riders during the application process and before starting the course.


Read Mr. Karl’s books. Study his DVDs to gain a fuller understanding of Légèreté's history, development and methodology. Discover why it has become very popular around the world. A list of titles is available on the Educational Materials page.

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