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Visitors welcome

by appointment. 

Cadbury Farm is proud to be a King County Conservation Farm of Merit selected for our focus on green practices. To book a tour, please contact Nichole Walters.


Lègéretè™ Intro Clinics


Riding & Auditing for Professionals, Amateurs 


Cadbury Farm is excited to announce the School of Légèreté is offering three Légèreté Intro Clinics open to all interested in riding or auditing. Each clinic runs in March, June and October for 3 days and includes a lecture one evening. We'll have a potluck, too—a great time to mix and mingle over good food and wine with the clinician and other participants.

Learn from the Best!

Your clinican is a highly-experienced Course Instructor certified in Légèreté and hand-picked by Philippe Karl to teach riding instruction to professionals in the School of Légèreté.


If you are an adult amateur, focused young rider, budding trainer, or experienced riding instructor seeking a more humane path... 


...Légèreté is for you!


If you're searching for a way to ride but without distrurbing treatment like hyperflexion, mouths shut tight, side reins and a constant need to kick, kick, kick or whip.


...Légèreté is for you!


You'll see in only one 3-day clinic results that last. Légèreté produces exquisite movement with a relaxed, gliding horse and riding that is light and easy to apply. Burst open the barn door, and step into a new future with horses, one full of... 


...Légèreté—Lightness and Ease!



Come join us in March, June & October...

... Check out the clinic dates and sign up today!


Clinic Dates

Attend a Légèreté Intro Clinic

Above: Reign & Megan, Caroline & Polaris.
Small Print!
As an Intro Clinic rider you may bring your own horse, of course! But if you don't have a horse, School Organizer Nichole Walters will gladly find you a suitable mount.
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