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by appointment. 

Cadbury Farm is proud to be a King County Conservation Farm of Merit selected for our focus on green practices. To book a tour, please contact Nichole Walters.


Trainers Basic Course

The Trainers Basic Course of the School of Légèreté is a course for experienced professionals seeking certification as a Légèreté Instructor. 


Riding in the School is by admittance only and is a 3+ year commitment: 

  • Eight riders are scheduled per course
  • Three 4-day clinics are scheduled per year.

On their 10th clinic, students may begin their 4-part exam, if they are ready.  The exam consists of:

  • Practice: Presentation of own horse
  • Theory Lecture
  • Presentation of long-term student
  • Pedagogy: Teaching an unknown guest rider.

Exam specifications are highlighted on Philippe Karl's website here. 

The course’s progressive instruction mirrors its progressive training method, gives time for students to develop and demonstrate competence, and is designed to educate students and auditors in classical methodology: 


  • Individual dressage training
  • Work in hand, on the lunge
  • Jumping
  • Quadrille
  • Theory
  • Pedagogical training
  • Final exam



Each student will be judged on:

  • Their theoretical knowledge
  • The training level reached by their horses
  • Their competence as a teacher.

Auditing The Trainers Basic Course is for Everyone!


While this course is for professionals only, anybody may audit a clinic or become a full-course auditor.  Think of this course as a Master's Degree in classical theory and practice. As a full-course auditor, you'll observe the development of 8 horses & riders, all from a variety of backgrounds.

Audit the Trainers Basic Course

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