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Cadbury Farm is proud to be a King County Conservation Farm of Merit selected for our focus on green practices. To book a tour, please contact Nichole Walters.


Client Reviews

Megan and Caroline with their horses Reign and Polaris

Megan: “Nichole is teaching me how to ride my horse with lightness—Légèreté. This is what I’ve been looking for since I returned to riding a couple of years ago. I love the positive and gentle communication with my horse, and the way he’s learning self-carriage. It’s a vast improvement over the “crank and spank” method that I was being taught before I found Nichole. It just didn’t feel right, and now I know why. It isn’t good for the horse. Nichole is well versed in Légèreté and good at explaining its principles so I can connect them to what she’s teaching me to do as I ride. At home I can read Philippe Karl’s books and watch his videos to reinforce the lessons. It’s a pretty great program.”

Caroline: "As a middle-aged long-time eventer, it took me a while to get my mind around Légèreté and my body to readjust to doing so much less to get so much more! I was nervous going to a horse trial and riding "differently" than the Federal/German system that is so ubiquitous here. But I won my division! Not that competing to win is my end goal. I'm much more interested in communicating with my horse in a way that promotes mutual cooperation and respect without closing down any part of the horse with gear. Hands down Légèreté does this. OK. All this to say, Nichole has been remarkable in teaching me all about PK's brilliant language for the horse and I am enjoying riding in a way I never knew before. It does take a while, so no one clinic or lesson will have you understand it. Quite the opposite. But if you give it a real chance, you will get that big "Ah, ha!" and never again want to revert to old practices that aren't good for your horse during the process nor the long run."

Tami:  “I have two average horses, not typical dressage mounts by any stretch, and my favorite thing is watching them transform with Nichole…It's a marvel to see them in training literally grow taller, rounder, lighter, have quieter footfalls, and demonstrate their movement with elegance and smiling eyes. Nichole quickly and skillfully assesses what the challenges may be with a horse or rider and sets about addressing these in a clear and upbeat manner.”

Jen: "I’m SO grateful for Nichole! As a green rider, I’ve struggled with my guy for years. He’s got a great disposition and is very attentive, but when it came time to ride we just weren’t on the same page. Then we started to work with Nichole. Nichole has a very keen eye for movement and quickly noticed some soundness issues. She helped me tremendously through his issues and within a couple months we could see a big difference. Once he was feeling better, he became a whole new beast. Still attentive and eager to learn, but now insecure and strong. I don’t know what I would do without Nichole. She is training me and together we are training him. It’s an incredible process, trying at times, but I believe whole-heartedly in the kind and gentle approach and methodologies Nichole uses. We are in the very early learning stages, a lot of ground work and relationship building with some strength and balance work. We would have never gotten here if Nichole had not noticed the soundness issues first. I finally feel the enjoyment and purpose of being a horse owner."

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